AU Meme: Nikki Bella turns on both John Cena and Brie Bella, joining Randy Orton.

Trey Songz ‘Na Na' - The Bella Twins version

Happy Birthday To The Most Amazing Man I Have Ever Known! I Love You So Much @JohnCena

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AU: Bella v. Bella feud

Cole: What made you decide to turn on your sister?

NBella: What a stupid question. Have you seen how far I’ve come without her latching onto me, feeding off my fame?  She was nothing. I made the Bella Twins as good as they were! Brie… she was my sidekick. It was like Batman and Robin. She was Robin, of course. Turning on her was the best decision of my career—look at me. I’m going for the Divas Championship. My second Divas title reign. And where’s Brie? Crying over her little goat boy. There is no Brie Bella without Nikki Bella, but oh, trust me. There is a Nikki without Brie.